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After-School Education Enrichment Programs for Gifted and Talented Youth

Gifted and talented students have the potential to change the world. Literally. These youngsters are the bright minds of their generations. Yet, too often, they are underserved by gifted and talented programs. Given the inability of many school-based gifted and talented programs to respond to the needs of gifted students, alternative after-school options have begun to emerge. Brain Power Enrichment Programs is one of those alternatives.

Brain Power Enrichment Programs shared that the Journal of Education Science has revealed that nearly 60% of all gifted students are not fully realizing their potential. Brain Power recently released an interview with a grade 7 student, Nadim, from their program to highlight his experiences as a gifted student.

Nadim's interview revealed the following: "You think differently than other people. Many gifted kids have different ways of coming up with solutions to problems. Our brains are structured differently. It's a unique way of thinking." Nadim is correct, of course. Many gifted students approach problem-solving differently from their same-age peers. Nadim also noted, "Our role is to learn new things and make discoveries. We still have the entire universe to explore. We haven't explored outside of our solar system. We can discover new planets for ourselves."

Nadim is one of the youth who has benefitted from the Brain Power Enrichment Program. He noted that the Brain Power program is two years ahead of his regular school, where he often feels bored in the traditional classroom. He also noted that he appreciates the challenging assignments and the opportunity to connect with other gifted peers.

Brain Power offers after-school enrichment in-person and online. According to Brain Power CEO Vanessa Iarocci, By working collaboratively, we can create an educational landscape that fosters the growth, engagement, and potential of gifted and talented students, ensuring that no brilliant mind is left untapped or unfulfilled. It is critical for many parents to also know that we work with students identified as gifted but also with hundreds of bright children who complete our assessment and demonstrate the potential to benefit from accelerated and complex learning programs.”

Thanks to Brain Power for sharing this informative interview with us!

A list of additional gifted programs to support gifted youth is available under our resources pages here.

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