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Giftedness is a small, volunteer-run not-for-profit dedicated to sharing information about giftedness through the lifespan.  We are sharing all materials and blogging about giftedness to help other gifted individuals understand that they are indeed special and unique. They may also be misunderstood often and confused about their own gifts. We hope that this site will help them to realize that they are not alone. 

We hear many times from gifted individuals that they want resources on giftedness, and while there are many resources out there that focus on gifted children and education, there is a gap in the focus on support for giftedness throughout the lifespan. This site was created to fill that gap. We will not try to replicate other exceptional sites that already exist that focus on gifted children and education (e.g., Hoagies Gifted Education or Davidson Scholars). Instead, we will link to them whenever possible. We will focus on adding materials outside of gifted education for children with a specific focus on giftedness throughout the lifespan. 

About the founder:

Dr. Shannon is a clinical psychologist who works with many gifted individuals. She's also the mother of 4 gifted children, and as a gifted individual herself, she understands firsthand the ups and downs of the gifted life. 

"As a licensed psychologist, I have seen many gifted individuals. I understand the struggles they face and the abundance of opportunities they have. I also understand how parents struggle to ensure these gifted minds are nurtured and also protected, while learning themselves how to cope with the unique aspects of gifted children. I also have seen many gifted adults who never realized they were gifted, or who were told at one point in their childhoods, but who had forgotten or not realized how their giftedness still affects their lives as adults. Understanding their uniqueness and that they are not alone can be extremely powerful!"


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