Gifted Women


Please find resources and links below on topics related to gifted women. Please feel free to hop over to the Discussion Forum to the thread on Additional Resources to suggest additional material to be added to this site!

Smart Girls in the 21st Century: Understanding Talented Girls and Women. A book that examines bright girls' development, types of intelligence, differences in generations, eminent women, barriers to achievement, education & growing talent, adolescence & college, gifted minority girls & women, twice-exceptionalism, and career guidance. Available on Amazon.

Remarkable Women:  Perspectives on Female Talent Development. A series of essays by authors who present new scholarship "... on intelligence by describing the challenges women encounter in specific talent domains." A bit dated, but interesting nonetheless. Available on Amazon. 

Gifted Women: Identity & Expression. A web article about common feelings among gifted women. 

Gifted Girls. An article on Davidson Institute about the challenges gifted girls face in education. 

Why Do So Many Women Experience the “Imposter Syndrome”? Many gifted women report feeling like an imposter. Despite praise and external validation, they feel like "phonies" and feel like they are fooling everyone. 

Being a Gifted Woman