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A site devoted to celebrating giftedness throughout the lifespan

This site serves as a venue to bring relevant information together for gifted people of all ages.  All information shared is done so in good faith and with good intentions. Members are welcome to join the discussion forum. Membership is free!

Children in School Bus

Please explore the site at your leisure. There is an ongoing blog of relevant issues, along with resources that are regularly updated by various populations and topics. You can jump over to our page on Gifted Adults or our page on Gifted Kids.  Members can also sign up free and engage in discussions with others on areas of interest. 

Also check out gifted news and the latest gifted research.

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The Brain is wider than the Sky

For put them side by side
The one the other will contain
With ease and You beside.

The Brain is deeper than the sea 
For hold them Blue to Blue 
The one the other will absorb 
As Sponges Buckets do.

Emily Dickinson

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