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Executive Functioning 

The influence of intelligence and sex on interpersonal skills and executive functions in children. January 2022. Takeaway: Children with higher IQ showed higher interpersonal skills and executive functions. Boys in high IQ group showed higher working memory, inhibition, and cause attribution in interpersonal conflicts. 

Alerting, orienting, and executive control in intellectually gifted children. 2021. High IQ children aren't different from their peers in a processing speed task, but they are superior in accuracy of processing. The researchers conclude that high IQ children have better ability to focus voluntarily to solve simple perceptual tasks. 

Cognitive correlates of attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder in children and adolescents with high intellectual ability. 2020. This research aimed to explore whether ADHD looks different in high IQ kiddos compared to their peers. The authors summarize, "Our findings indicate the cognitive profile of ADHD is similar in highly versus average intelligent individuals with ADHD, although ADHD-related cognitive deficits may be easily overlooked in the high intelligence population when compared to the typical (i.e., average intelligent) control group." 

The role of intelligence in decision-making in early adolescence. 2019. This research found that intelligence was positively associated with risk adjustment and quality of decision making in adolescent boys and girls. Additionally, girls' risk adjustment was positively related to IQ gains. The researchers write, "Our findings suggest that there are important, substantively, associations between intelligence and adapting behaviour to risk at the cusp of adolescence, the period when the response to risk can shape life trajectories."

High intelligence and the risk of ADHD and other psychopathology. 2018. Researchers found that higher IQ was related to fewer attention problems. Those children with attention problems, including those with higher IQ, had higher functional impairment at school. The researchers found that attention problems in children with high IQ were exceptional but when found, they did affect school performance.

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