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Sociability and need for solitude in gifted adults. Research published in December 2021 that found that "compared to the control group, gifted adults depicted themselves as being more autonomous and goal oriented. They also reported a greater need for solitude, associated with a greater appreciation of their freedom of action and movement. This study was the first to investigate both sociability and desire for solitude in gifted adults. It suggests that gifted adults are highly motivated to engage in positive interactions with others, although they do not express the same needs as their peers regarding the frequency, quantity and quality of these interactions." 

Self-assessed intelligence, objective intelligence and the higher-order structure of personality. May 2022. Perhaps not surprising, but this study found that intelligence (self-assessed and objective) was highly correlated with plasticity, which is characterized by the tendency to explore and seek novelty.

Personality differences in gifted versus non-gifted individuals: A three-level meta-analysis. November 2021. Takeaway: Gifted people are more open to new experiences. 

Consistent evidence of a link between Alexithymia and general intelligence. 2020. Alexithymia is characterized by difficulty in identifying and expressing feelings. This study found a significant negative association between alexithymia and general intelligence.

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