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All the Latest Fun Gadgets and Toys for the Gifted Life

Fun activities for the gifted! The below are some of our favorites at our house!  Please feel free to give other suggestions as well, and we'll add to the below!

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Mensans have decided! These are the top games for 2021!

Mensa Select Games 2021!

Our Favorite Books

Other Favorite Games

The Rubik's Cube Never Gets Old!

Not sure what to get a gifted person for a gift? I bet they would love a rubik's cube or two! We have these everywhere in our house, and they NEVER get old!

rubiks cube.jpg

A family friendly game

Blokus is also a favorite at our house. It requires strategy, and those with great visual spatial skills will love it!




MENSA supported! This calendar provides a new puzzle every day!

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Our Favorite Apps

codeSpark Academy ages 5+ creative challenges

Space Science Investigations ages 10+

Mathemagics ages 12+


Dominotice a new math game built on Dominos

Gifted Kids on Apps

Our Favorite Websites for Kids

BASIC-256 : designed to teach  middle and high-school students the basics of computer programming. 

Freerice : Answer questions to end world hunger!

The Kid Should See This : a growing library of smart videos for kids to watch at home or school.

TED-Ed: TED for youth and education. 

Science Friday: Science Friday is an entertaining site for kids interested in science!

Mensa for Kids: “Mensa for Kids offers a variety of online resources for exceptionally bright youth.”

San Francisco Symphony  Learn about tempo, music and the actual symphony.

The Toymaker – Tons of craft ideas for parents and kids to make together.

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